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1.45pm - WINEGB - "Routes to Market" Speaker Mike Paul, International Wine Marketing Consultant & Deputy Chairman of Gusbourne Estate.


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Coming out of the Pandemic and lockdown, many businesses face the challenge of reassessing their sales plan while others may well not have finalised their sales strategy and would like to understand which routes to market best fit their aspirations. This webinar will look at the factors you should you take into account when assessing or re-assessing your options and consider the key dynamics of each potential route to market. This webinar will also be just as important for new entrants to the industry who are preparing their business plans.

Speaker: Mike Paul is an international Wine marketing consultant & Deputy Chairman of Gusbourne Estate. Mike has had an extensive career in the wine industry for over thirty years both here and overseas. He is a former Managing Director of the premium wine agency Percy Fox, representing a number of luxury wine brands. In 1990 Mike became European Director responsible for the development of Southcorp’s business in Europe. He led Southcorp to become a major player in the UK wine market with brands such as Penfolds and Lindemans. In 2002 Mike was appointed Managing Director of Western Wines (UK), a leading importer of South African, Chilean and Italian wines, and owner of the leading South African brand, Kumala.


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Do you think that there is a widening gap between the top 10% of vineyards who have the scale and financial backing to promote themselves by television and high profile media v the small well established that may intern have a crushing blow for the industry as a whole ?.
While business is business and everyone rightly has to do whatever they need to promote themselves I wonder if there is a race to the top
for several brands that will be perceived as the default ' go to English Brand' while as a whole the industry will may suffer ?
While competition laws rightly apply there isn't a strategy /open discussion that every grower can partake in, Winegb members or not, to
work more as one ,even a Chatham House based get together surely would help .With potential good stocks in cellars , a good year this year ,economic challenges for the buying public ahead ,and large areas of new plantings come on stream in the next few years, is there a small bloodbath looming and something that needs talking about now ? .