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Ferovinum 2021 Sabrage Showdown

4th June 2021

Ferovinum 2021 Sabrage Showdown

– the tournament is open to UK wine producers and industry participants
– one representative from each competitor will have just a single shot to secure their place in the showdown
– each shot will be judged on the final resting distance of the cork
– each sabrage must be completed with no more than three swipes/attempts
– the competitors with the two furthest shots will compete in the ’showdown’ – the winner being crowned 2021 Sabrage Showdown Champion
– all proceeds will be donated to The Drinks Trust
– first corks to fly at high noon, Viti-Culture Live Event, 10th June 2021, Plumpton College

Some Background on Ferovinum

Ferovinum is a world-first working capital platform that enables wine & spirits producers and wholesalers to release capital against their inventory.
This allows our clients to re-invest capital (which would otherwise be tied up in stock unproductively), into growth and efficiency projects. For UK producers in particular this tends to be initiatives like brand building, winery expansion, tasting/tourism facilities and, critically, enabling stock to remain on the lees for longer periods of time. The latter is one of the key quality parameters for producing high-quality traditional method sparkling wine (15 months+ ageing before release). This allows producers to compete with the likes of Champagne, and pursue quality over needing to release wine early to release cash.
Since launching our wine producer product in 2020, we’ve already released capital for over 200,000 bottles in the UK and use of the service is growing rapidly as clients begin to take advantage of this new and more efficient way to access additional capital to support the exciting growth taking place in the UK wine sector.
Ferovinum’s technology provides an efficient, innovative alternative to more traditional lending and is suitable for clients large and small.

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