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Industry Research

In recent times, we here at GV Digital Media, part of Grape Vine Events Ltd, have spent considerable time building, what we believe to be, the largest and most comprehensive database of contacts within our industry, resulting in over 3,500 verified, live email contacts in The UK alone.

We are now able to assist companies wanting to develop their offering in the form of research based information gathering that will result in clear and concise data.

The person who knows the most about your research project is you! Running a project through an industry partner instead of delegating to an agency means you have complete control over the outcome.

Whether you have questions on concept testing and refinement research, evaluating the demand for a new product / service under development or defining the key elements of the new brand – including proposition, positioning, features, benefits, personality and essence using GV Digital Media data survey means that your research can be tailored to answer the specific questions you have.

The UK wine industry is growing fast, really fast but not unlike every other sector, it is driven by evolving geo-political landscapes, digital transformation and of course, the global challenge of sustainability.

Research agencies are lots of things, but cheap isn’t one of them. GVE Digital Media can field and analyse your research just like an agency but minus much of the expense and fancy offices.

Drop us a line with your wish list and we will tailor a bespoke package to suit you.

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Industry Research Clients